A three roll wrap module traps the product and rotates it against a roller thus stabilizing the product during the label application process. This method dramatically increases label placement accuracy versus traditional wrap belt driven labelers and offers much more versatility to place labels onto products that may not be perfect cylinders.

The LCT wrap around automatic labeling machine has a touch screen control making it easy to switch between labeling modes. It has the ability to run in standard three roll mode, product orientation mode and multi label dispense on/off. The LCT wrap around automatic labeling machine can be set up to orientate products with identifiable features and dispense multiple labels during rotation for front and back labeling of round products.


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3 Roll Wrap Around Automatic Labeling Machine

The 3 roll wrap around Label Machine can place labels on a wide range of round products. 3 roll wrap around labeling machines can handle up to 6.5" label widths and offers unmatched label placement accuracy with its three roll module design.

Horizontal Wrap Around Automatic Labeling Machine:

Typical products for the horizontal wrap automatic labelers are ampoules, vials, chapstick and other small diameter cylindrical plastic or glass containers. Horizontal wrap labeling systems can be hand fed with an infeed chute or fully automated with infeed and discharge magazines.